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Wrought iron gazebo – liberty style wrought iron gazebo – personalized gazebo

Wrought iron gazebo

Customizable Wrought iron gazebo by Nicola Cuppari

Utilizzi dei gazebo

villa rufelli

The gazebos are the perfect place to meet, read, relax and why not to celebrate events and ceremonies.

More and more future spouses decide to celebrate their wedding in the shade of a gazebo decorated with flowers and creepers, an elegant and romantic atmosphere that will guarantee the astonishment (and envy) of the guests.

The gazebos for villas and private gardens, on the other hand, can turn into a real family heirloom, the wrought-iron gazebos are durable and do not need special maintenance, a child who has grown up playing around the gazebo at home will one day see his children do the same.

The gazebo can also become a real private sanctuary where you can cultivate your spirituality and break away from the hectic everyday life.

Gazebo cielo

Wrought iron Gazebo

The wrought iron gazebos are certainly the maximum expression of elegance and luxury with regards to garden furniture.

Its essential forms, often in liberty style, blend with the landscape, enhancing it without being intrusive.

Biblo art hotel gazebo cuppari

Byblos art hotel Amista

Nicola Cuppari’s wrought iron gazebos are a true work of art, the result of 30 years of experience in the field of iron working, not surprisingly

Even the Hollywood actor George Clooney has chosen to furnish the garden of his beautiful villa on Lake Como (Villa Oleandra) with a Cuppari gazebo.

In the splendid setting of Villa Oleandra, on Lake Como, Arte e ferro has achieved with great success and clamor a wrought iron gazebo, a unique work of its kind, commissioned by the Hollywood star George Clooney.

If George Clooney’s  gazebo is for private use, yhe one of Byblos Art Hotel – Villa Amistà is the perfect example of a gazebo for receptions and events.

The Villa Amistà Gazebo is located in a magnificent garden and often often serves as a setting for lunches and dinners.

Gazebo cielo

Gazebo regulations

The regulations regarding gazebos for private and commercial use are often subject to changes or possible interpretations, for this reason it is always better to rely on an expert who knows how to suggest how to move.

Contact, without obligation, Arteeferro through the form at the bottom of the page for any clarification.

Wrought iron gazebo prices

The Cuppari wrought iron gazebos are customizable and each is a unique and unrepeatable work, to know the price of your dream gazebo, all you have to do is fill in the form below, indicating the measurements, and if you want to attach an image or a link as a reference.

Nicola Cuppari without obligation, will provide you with a free quote

Here,some examples of personalized gazebos made by Nicola Cuppari:

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    After countless hardships, which life dedicates to us, to date I believe I have found in its entirety the Nicola Giovanni Battista Cuppari, aka ArteeFerro.

    Life is a strange and wonderful thing, when everything goes in its place and balance is lost, it seems to be reborn and life simply smiles back at you … meeting a wonderful partner of and for life, friends and colleagues of art of great artistic depth: like the famous goldsmith Michele Affidato my fellow countryman (Calabrese) and goldsmith artist.

    and if this is the beginning, let life proceed.

    Gazebo Villa Oleandra



    Nello splendido scenario di Villa Oleandra,  sul lago di Como abbiamo realizzato con grande successo e clamore un gazebo in ferro battuto, opera unica nel suo genere, su commissione del divo holliwoodiano George Clooney.

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