Blacksmith and Artist

Nicola cuppari ritratto artista

Nicola Giovanni Battista was born in Isola di Capo Rizzuto, in Calabria (Southern Italy) on 5th February 1964, after much toil as his umbilical cord caused problems and made his delivery very difficult.
Despite the many hardships that he has had to face from a very early age, he has a great love for life, as well as a strong desire for self-affirmation.
His parents’ divorce, when he was eight, deeply marked his existence; following that event he was brought up amidst several hardships by his loving grandparents, on his father’s side.

Daily difficulties and privations have left a deep mark on him, and his grandmother’s death – due to complications that followed the amputation of one of her legs – when he was an adolescent gave him the same shocking sense of loneliness that Nicola had felt at the time of his mother’s departure a few years earlier. The hardship represented by solitude  induced him to arm himself with anger and determination and to explore the many folds of reality, which he is able to see in many different lights, driven as he is by a strong desire to mould and dominate it.
He was still underage when he ran away from home with Teresa, his girlfriend, whom he would marry aged 20, whose presence brought light to his existence, which until then had been dominated by The birth of his two sons Fabrizio and Gianmarco brought even more positive light into his life.
What transpires from Nicola Giovanni Battista’s works is the suffering of life. Cuppari blends parts of his soul with what he creates, while at the same time experimenting new iron-work techniques. In his works light and shade play together, deeply moving the observer; while their broken lines.

The life that animates his works reaches the eye of the observer allowing them to almost enter the work of art and recognise themselves in that nail, symbol of the human suffering, that seems to have been extracted from our heart.